Change Your Mailing Address INSTANTLY! Why go to the Post Office and stand in line, when you can sit on your couch, answer a few questions and let us file for you? Our service is easy to use and we keep your information secure.


You won't have to worry about someone else getting your mail!

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Individual Option: This option should be selected if: You are the sole person moving, you plan to receive mail by more than one name. In this case, simply repeat the process individually for each name that will receive mail, or only a few members of the family are moving. In this case, simply repeat the process individually for each person who will be moving.

Family Option: Select this option only if everyone in your house is moving to the same address. The family must also share the same last name. Otherwise, individual requests must be made for each person moving.

Business Option: This option is available for businesses that are moving, but must be completed by an authorized representative of the business. This option is not for the use of having mail addressed to you at the business forwarded.

Type of Address Change:

Choosing a temporary address change allows you an initial forwarding time of 6 months. If, after six months, you still need mail forwarded, you must update it in the system. The maximum forwarding time allotted is 1 year.

When should we start forwarding your mail?


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